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Crafted Mouthguards in Oakville

Oakville Orthodontics: Your Source for Custom Mouthguards in Oakville

At Oakville Orthodontics, we understand the importance of protecting your teeth. Whether you’re an athlete needing protection during sports or someone seeking relief from teeth grinding, our custom mouthguards provide the perfect solution. Crafted with precision and care in Oakville, our mouthguards offer both comfort and effective protection.

Our Mouthguard Services

Tailored Protection for Your Teeth


Custom-designed for athletes, providing optimal protection during sports activities.

Night Guards
for Bruxism

Specially crafted for individuals who grind their teeth at night, helping to prevent wear and damage.


Using durable, safe, and comfortable materials for the best fit and protection.


Ensuring each mouthguard is perfectly fitted to the individual’s teeth for maximum effectiveness and comfort.

Why Choose Oakville Orthodontics

Dedicated to Your Dental Protection

Expertise in Oral Protection

Our team has extensive experience in crafting mouthguards for various needs.

Customized for Individual Needs

Each mouthguard is tailored to the specific requirements of the wearer.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Utilizing advanced techniques for precise and accurate mouthguard fabrication.

Focus on Comfort and Safety

Committed to providing mouthguards that are both comfortable to wear and highly protective.

The Importance of Mouthguards

Essential Protection for Your Teeth

  • Injury Prevention: Essential for athletes to protect against dental injuries during sports.
  • Teeth Grinding Protection: Night guards help mitigate the effects of bruxism, including wear and potential damage to teeth.
  • Custom Fit for Effectiveness: Custom mouthguards offer superior protection and comfort compared to over-the-counter options.

Patient Testimonials

Satisfied Patients with Custom Mouthguards

Yasmeen R
Yasmeen R
Henry Han
Henry Han
Sherri Robertson
Sherri Robertson
Bill Curry
Bill Curry
My upper and lower front teeth were starting to overlap so I did some research with our Dentist and found Dr Mark Gwertz in Oakville. He was reasonable confident that I could use the Invisaligne system to straighten my teeth without braces. He was right. It took over a year but the effort was worth the wait. Mark encouraged me all the way through the process and I am now doing my annual followup checks. Marks staff were all really helpful and happy to answer any of my questions throughout my transition. My teeth are perfect now and I am happy to smile for any photos or videos. Now if he could only do for my missing hair what he did for my teeth. Thanks Mark A very happy customer, Will Curry, Oakville, ON

Get Your Custom Mouthguard in Oakville

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