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Oakville Orthodontics: Your Destination for Invisalign in Oakville

At Oakville Orthodontics, we specialize in transforming smiles with Invisalign, the innovative clear aligner system. Our expert orthodontic team in Oakville is dedicated to providing personalized Invisalign treatments, ensuring a comfortable, discreet, and effective orthodontic experience for both teens and adults.

Our Invisalign Services

Advanced Invisalign Solutions for All Ages

Customized Invisalign Treatment Plans

Tailoring Invisalign treatments to meet individual needs and orthodontic goals.

Invisalign for Teens and Adults

Providing specialized Invisalign options for patients of all ages.

State-of-the-Art 3D Imaging

Utilizing advanced technology for precise treatment planning and aligner customization.

Comprehensive Invisalign Care

From initial consultation to final results, ensuring a smooth and successful Invisalign journey.

Why Choose Us for Invisalign

Expert Invisalign Care in Oakville

Certified Invisalign

Our orthodontists are experienced and trained in delivering Invisalign treatments.

Personalized and
Attentive Care

Focused on providing a tailored approach to meet each patient’s unique needs.

Innovative Orthodontic

Employing the latest in orthodontic technology for effective and efficient treatment.

Commitment to Patient

Ensuring every patient achieves their desired outcome with Invisalign.

The Benefits of Invisalign

A Clear Choice for Orthodontic Treatment

  • Virtually Invisible Aligners: Invisalign’s clear aligners are discreet, making them a popular choice for adults and teens.
  • Removable for Convenience: Easily remove aligners for eating, brushing, and special occasions.
  • Comfortable and Custom-Fit: Each aligner is custom-made to fit snugly and comfortably.
  • Effective Treatment: Proven results in treating various orthodontic issues with Invisalign.

Patient Testimonials

Invisalign Success Stories from Oakville

Yasmeen R
Yasmeen R
Henry Han
Henry Han
Sherri Robertson
Sherri Robertson
Bill Curry
Bill Curry
My upper and lower front teeth were starting to overlap so I did some research with our Dentist and found Dr Mark Gwertz in Oakville. He was reasonable confident that I could use the Invisaligne system to straighten my teeth without braces. He was right. It took over a year but the effort was worth the wait. Mark encouraged me all the way through the process and I am now doing my annual followup checks. Marks staff were all really helpful and happy to answer any of my questions throughout my transition. My teeth are perfect now and I am happy to smile for any photos or videos. Now if he could only do for my missing hair what he did for my teeth. Thanks Mark A very happy customer, Will Curry, Oakville, ON

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